7 tactics for going viral on TikTok

7 tactics for going viral on TikTok


It’s the holy grail of TikTok advertising. 

Although there’s no sure-fire way to ride the algorithm to virality, you can use certain tactics to boost your ad’s exposure and performance.

Drawing on our experience working with clients and influencers across various genres, we’ve compiled a (brief) summary of best practices aimed at virality on TikTok.

The following list isn’t extensive, but it’s a great starting point for expanding your reach! 

Shorter = better  

When it comes to length, aim for 15 seconds. 30 seconds is pushing it, and 60 seconds is max. 

The shorter the better—engage your viewers immediately, make your (subtle) sell, and leave it at that!

Strive to be organic

Organic-feeling videos do the best. Always.

What is “organic?” You know it when you see it

Never start your video with a “thanks for X company for sending me this product…” or something similar.

TikTok’ers have a high BS meter—they know when they’re being sold to.

Include closed captions 

Include in-video closed captions for both convenience, accessibility, and aesthetics. 

Even if viewers can’t play audio, they’ll be able to read your captions and get the gist of your post.

Write simple, punchy copy

Again, shorter = better.

Know what’s trending

Incorporate trending TikTok songs/dances. Duet a viral video. Use the comment feature. Follow current/rising trends and don’t be afraid to add your own unique brand flair. 

Make sure your feed isn’t just ads, but also includes a mix of organic posts.

Timing and cadence matter

Post at least once a day; aim for between 8am-11am or 7pm-10pm EST.

Videos posted during these two time slots tend to perform the best.

Always use hashtags

Use TikTok’s discover page to find out what hashtags are trending that day/week.

Even if trending hashtags don’t necessarily “fit” with your video, include them—they’ll increase your likelihood of virality.

Final Thoughts

At Slope, we dive into each of these strategies (and much, much more!) with our clients. 

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